• Schedule
    Quarter-hourly presentation of the energy to be transmitted between the balancing group on the basis of the time and quantity parameters.
  • Service price
    The gas price for private households consists of a service price and an energy price. The service price covers the provision of the supply infrastructure including the meters at the customer. The energy price covers the consumed quantity.
  • Settlement price
    In futures and options trading, the settlement price is the closing price at the exchange at the end of every exchange day, which is used for the contract valuation.
  • SLP
    Standard load profile. For customers without consumption metering, the gas and power consumption is predicted and balanced on the basis of the representative load profile.
  • Spot market
    Power and gas volumes that can be supplied at short notice are traded on the spot market, e.g. for the next day (day ahead), the day after next or the weekend. Transactions involving volumes to be procured for the current day or immediately are referred to as intraday trading, a sub-market of the spot market.
  • Storage
    Storage facilities contribute to the buffering of imbalances between the supply/production and demand/consumption and increase the security of supply. Usually, natural gas storage facilities are replenished in the warm summer months (May-October) when the need for gas is lower and depleted in the winter months (November-April) to cover the higher demand. The most common forms are underground aquifers and caverns. In Germany, there are currently 47 underground storage facilities with a total volume of more than 20 billion m³.
  • Subscriber
    A subscriber is every person by whose order a building or plot is connected to the low-voltage network, usually the owner.
  • Substitute value creation
    Substitute value creation refers to the generation of allocation data for a missing or faulty metering value by the responsible network operators.
  • Supply contracts
    Gas supply agreements can be found along the entire chain from the well hole to the end consumer. They determine the quantity, quality, delivery time and prices. The activities of the Federal Cartel Office have greatly contributed to shorter terms and increased flexibility in the supply conditions between importers and distributing municipal utility companies, thereby ensuring positive competitive impulses.
  • System usage fees
    On the liberalised energy market, system usage fees are charged for the use of the network by the network operators.